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Food Blog For Food Lovers is one of those blog networks that seem to do something good with every post they make. When first getting an email from someone they’re going to be having a competition for their favorite dish, this of course is the Chicken and Waffle. However, bloggers in k. is such a simple way to learn all about new recipes and food. This is actually a good new twist on the old fashioned food blog.

blog for food

Food Blog For Food Lovers is a blog that has been doing something well recently. In January they went from just a couple of recipes and dishes to being about every dish you can think of and more. This is a good thing and a bad thing. Because it means they do a lot more posting and they need to find a way to make money. If they kept it simple and only posted recipes people would be very loyal and they would come back on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. So instead, because they need the money to pay for all those great new gadgets, they added a good food theme and changed their name.

They now have the instagram application and the Facebook integration, but it still kind of feels like they’re sticking to their old food blog roots. Food Blog For Food Lovers does a really good job of presenting recipes clearly and being informative at the same time. They do a good job of explaining why certain ingredients are better than others and provide recipes that are not only healthy but will surprise you as well. With a little work they can be a very successful blog and I think they’ll stick around for a long time.