How to Monetise Your Blogging Site

Food blogging represents an intricate interweave of foodie sentimentality or personal interest in cooking and presenting food. Most blogs focus on food photography and few of them exclusively use images taken by the blogger themselves. Some of them also post recipes and ideas that are picked up from various food blogs all over the world. However, there is no singular food blog that dominates the food blogging world.

food blogger

Food blogs can be found all over the web and there are a number of ways to monetise such blogs in a lucrative way. You can make a WordPress account for any food blog that you want and add relevant content such as text, images and videos. You can then set custom taxonomies for different types of posts thus creating the ideal platform for advertisers to promote their products. Text links can also be created within blog posts to direct readers to relevant sites and when done tastefully, advertisers can create a strong bond between themselves and the food blogger by offering monetary rewards as a form of acknowledgement.

Blogging has become the new wave of marketing tool as it enables you to interact with your customers directly. However, most bloggers tend to write about subjects they are passionate about hence creating content that attracts people who read the blog. It is not uncommon to come across a food blogger who posts on her experiences travelling to exotic destinations, preparing exotic dishes and sharing the recipes therein. Such bloggers usually sell their travel experiences and tips to other food bloggers on how they can prepare similar dishes at home. This proves that being a food blogger does not stop from creating content, it also involves the selling of information so that you can monetize your blog.