How to Monetize Your Blog

Food blogging represents an intricate interweaving of food enthusiast’s passion for food, writing and photographing it through blogs. Most blogs, however, employ images taken directly by the blogger and some of these focus specifically on food blogging. A food blog is often compared to a community of foodies, for the reason that the information provided is almost always scrutinized and rated. The most popular food blogs are those that receive high ratings from fellow bloggers and in most cases it is the opinions of other food bloggers that influences the rating a food blog receives.

food blogger

As the food blogger decides how to monetize his blog, he has to determine which part of the blog will draw more traffic. The review and rating system is very important here, as the blogger needs to know what people want. In this regard, the review system can be used to attract traffic. The second way to monetize the blog is to sell advertising space. This means that the food blogger can use his blog to write reviews and then place adverts on it. There are many companies that allow blogmasters to place ads on their blogs for a small fee, and many such companies post their terms and conditions on their website.

Some food bloggers choose to monetize their blog not only through selling adverts but also through selling affiliate products. This type of monetization is popular among bloggers who belong to relatively small niche blogs, as these bloggers are unable to charge high fees for affiliate products. Affiliate products are generally software or electronic items that can be bought online and that are sold with the help of the link that is posted on the blog. The payment for this service is usually a percentage of the sale and in some cases a fixed amount of commission.