Info Food – What Is It and How Dangerous?

I was looking at all the new “certified” food health supplements on the Internet. It seems like all of a sudden there is an entire industry of “certified” food and nutrition products that have sprung up, especially since the health industry has been under such scrutiny over the last decade or so. The FDA says that they are going to regulate these supplements but that is about as far as we’ll go. Why aren’t there more comprehensive solutions? Well for one, the food industry is an incredibly powerful lobby and they’ve quite adept at getting loopholes in the system set up.

info food

If the FDA tried to regulate the food and supplement industry, it could cause so much trouble, particularly with the FDA’s current problems. But do you know what, when it comes to the food industry there is almost NEVER any regulation because there are no regulating agencies! The food industry literally gets off on a loophole or two here and there are rarely monitored or accountable for their actions. And while the FDA may wish to regulate this info food industry, which means it will have to regulate the food, supplement, health, personal care and cosmetics industry; that’s about all they can do considering that there is no governing body to set them straight.

It seems to me, that since no governing body exists to regulate the food and supplement industry, we need to be very vigilant and diligent in our own minds and ensure that we are fully aware of what we are buying and consuming. There is too much contamination in the food supply and it is very difficult to control. We simply have to rely on the information that we have available to us and make educated decisions. And this info food guide was quite helpful and I highly recommend it. Maybe you’ll consider it. Think on it.