Fake News Food – Is it Real Or Fake News Food?

We hear so much about the quality of our food, that we often forget to mention the quality of news. It seems that everyone is looking for the latest and greatest superfood, and when it comes to health and nutrition, there are some things that people need to be paying more attention to. Take heart: science and medicine has not always been this exacting. For centuries people have been preparing and eating foods with various different recipes, sometimes based on questionable scientific claims about how their preparation would affect their bodies. While some of these foods were the wildest concoctions you can imagine, others were the staple diet of millions of people throughout the world.

news food

Take a moment to consider just how long the staple food of the world has been around. There are stories all over the world that tell us how these preparations were eaten before people ever learned to cook them on their own, but how did they prepare them? The ancient Egyptians may have had access to exotic spices that no modern cook could even begin to duplicate, and the people of China were using the same methods of preparation as well, right up until the discovery of fire. How did these two cultures get started cooking exactly the way that they did? Did they find a way to emulate the ancient techniques of cooking and preparation without having to actually know anything about the science behind it? Most likely they didn’t, or at least they didn’t know enough about it to copy it.

All that being said, it does not matter what type of news food we are talking about. What matters is that the news food of the world has proven time again that it is capable of providing a healthy, balanced diet to those who consume it. Whether we like to admit that it is some strange cooking form from a completely alien planet, or if we are happy to merely call it news food, we can all agree that eating healthy is important, no matter where we get our news from. When it comes to this, you are either for real news food or fake news food…and if you go with the latter, be ready for a surprise when you get back from work.