Food Bloggers and Social Media

Food blogging represents a complicated interweave of foodie thrill, photography and food obsessive passion. Most blogs use images taken by the blogger himself/herself or some of them specialize on food photography alone. If you are interested in blogging about food, you have to make sure you have a sound knowledge of food and how it should be presented through photography and blogging. If you have that, then you can create a successful food blog.

There are many ways for food bloggers to market their blogs and food photography on popular social media networks such as Facebook and twitter. However, for success, you need to learn how to use social media marketing for your food blog. One effective way is to join groups and forums related to food photography, blogging, recipe and event management. You can also look for similar groups and friends and ask them if they have anyone to recommend. Another effective method is to leave comments on blogs and Facebook pages of people who are in the same circles as you and find something that interests them.

One told me that it’s best to leave comments on blogs and Facebook posts that are “in your wheel-house.” Another said that comments on others’ posts are a great way to find like-minded people with common interests. Use whatever strategy works best for you and see what works for your blog!